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Not that long time ago, in order to create a comfortable microclimate, you had to open windows and doors. Today, everything has changed significantly – a comfortable indoor temperature is created by the aid of an air conditioner.

Not only residential houses and apartments but also commercial buildings are equipped nowadays with these helpful smart devices. Thanks to effective air conditioning systems, it is a pleasure for both visitors and employees to be in such rooms. After all, their working efficiency directly depends on the indoor temperature. In order to feel comfortable in the room for a long time, the air must respond to certain requirements:

• temperature level should be 68-75,2 °F;

• humidity level – 50-60%;

• mobility of air mass – 0.22-0.34 miles / hour;

• oxygen level – up to 21%;

• carbon dioxide level – not more than 0.3%.

An ideal microclimate is possible only with the help of properly selected and correctly installed air conditioning systems.

Our company offers services for the design, installation, launch, and maintenance of air conditioning systems in residential apartments and homes, commercial buildings. We highly recommend that you entrust all the working steps for the installation of air conditioning systems to professionals who will help you choose the right equipment and will guarantee the correct installation taking into account sanitary and building standards.

Our experts are always paying attention to your wishes and instantly make adjustments to the project while observing all the norms and rules. In addition, our specialists will be glad to consult you at any stage of the work. In fact, a well-designed project and a correctly installed air-conditioning system will effect on the work of the entire system and further maintenance.

We offer many types of air conditioning systems of your choice.

We will do our best to help you with choosing the most suitable air conditioning system depending on the size of the room, its purpose, and design. You don’t need to think about how and where to install it.

If your goal is to create an effective air conditioning system in an existing or under construction commercial facility, then you’re welcome to contact us. We will provide full information, as well as develop an individual project and perform all the calculations.

For every client we have an individual approach, therefore, Air Comfort Experts carries out full responsibility and a guarantee of high quality at any stage of the work.