Central conditioning systems design

A carefully considered design is necessary to ensure a comfortable, safe, and efficient system. We will:

  • calculate the thermal balance of the premises so the conditioner is powerful enough to keep a comfortable environment. This takes into consideration heat gains and losses that exist in the current environment
  • choose the best system footprint keeping the installation costs to a Equipment will be located in place convenient for maintenance. Air ducts will be arranged to optimize system efficiency while having the lowest possible impact on the usable space.
  • calculate the system’s aerodynamics so air ducts distribute the entire volume of conditioned air to all the rooms without noise.
  • provide heat and noise insulation of air ducts and the equipment


In some applications (usually commercial spaces) it is important to integrate fire safety into the ventilation system. Fire dampers can be installed to keep flames from spreading through a building via the duct system. And if connected to a buildings fire alarm system, air flow can be stopped altogether when the alarm is triggered.

In high-quality ventilation and air conditioning systems, strict control over execution of design decisions is necessary. To get the most out of your new system and investment we recommend our full service “design – installation – start-up and adjustment” package.