Central conditioning equipment and air ducts installation

Choice of the equipment and ductwork design greatly depends on the specifics of your space.  Calculations are made to ensure the equipment is sized correctly in order to deliver the appropriate volume of air to each room.

The air handler is the nerve center of the system and must be installed in the interior of the premises. It contains the circuit board, fan, as well as the cooling coils. All conditioning of the air happens at the handler. It must be installed in a secure location that remains accessible for maintenance. This location must also consider all routing of ductwork. Cooling systems also require an exterior unit. It must be installed in a secure and well ventilated area.

Air duct installation requires special attention. All connections must be carefully sealed with the appropriate duct tape and/or paste and all supply ducts must be insulated. Poor connections can result in whistling sounds, energy loss, and harmful condensation.

Finally, the thermostat let’s the system know when conditioned air is needed. It can be centrally located or multiple thermostats can be installed for zoned systems. They allow multiple  set temperatures to be programmed in different areas (zones).