We install heating systems for commercial buildings and residential houses in all five boroughs of New York area. Let’s consider the main stages of the installation process of heating systems. First of all, we pay attention to air heating. During calculations of heating the air in the office, the first task is to preserve the heat inside the room itself and prevent the ingress of cold air from the outside. To do this, special thermal curtains should be installed on all doors and gates along the perimeter of the building. They are able to block the air flow from the street thanks to a powerful jet of hot air. Thermal curtains can work both from the electrical network and from hot water. The power source for the thermal curtain must be chosen depending on the power of the curtain and the height of the opening. Once we prevent the access of cold air into the room, our next task is to maintain the warmth inside. An ideal solution for heating spaces is a water heating system from the urban water supply network. If we are talking about premises with high ceilings, such as shopping malls and industrial premises, then the best variant would be an additional installation of heating units which operates on the water heat transfer medium.
Residential houses heating. Perhaps, the most expensive and basic system when installing engineering networks in a house is the heating system. Comfortable living conditions during the winter period depend on proper calculation and correct installation. In the cost of installing a private house heating system includes laying pipelines between radiators and a heating boiler. If you have no experience in installation of the heating system, it is better to address to professionals. Our staff is always happy to help in all steps of installation, as well as, advise you the most cost-effective heating system for your house. We install heating systems and heat pumps for residential and commercial buildings in all five boroughs of New York area. Before proceeding with the installation of home heating, it is necessary to understand: What kind of method of heating to use, How to choose a boiler, What pipes to use, Select a company that manufactures fittings, Determine the heating scheme . The choice of a heating boiler depends on the type of fuel you’re going to use. Gas – the most common solution. The reason is the cost of fuel. However, it is necessary to use an air extraction system while installing the boiler equipment in the room.