Air ducts solutions

Air Comfort Expert HVAC Corp. is a leading company in the field of installation, repair of thermal equipment. Our company operates in five boroughs of New York area (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island).
Air ducts cleaning for residential homes and commercial buildings is very important and we paying special attention to this process.

The purifying ducts.
Thanks to modern technologies of cleaning, people less inhale air contaminated with microbes and harmful impurities in the buildings. Our company provides dryer vent systems, kitchen exhaust system purifying, air ducts cleaning for commercial buildings and residential homes.
Also, in addition to ducts cleaning, they are disinfected.
Purging the vent systems brings such benefits like reduces the amount of energy consumed, there’s no need often to repair devices, working resource will grow up, labor productivity in enterprises increases, and people less getting sick.

Professionally mounted ventilation system provides for a unit of time the flow of fresh air into the room and the removal of air “waste”. Best air ducts cleaning services for residential homes and commercial buildings must follow parameters:
1. Temperature;
2. Humidity;
3. The coefficient of expansion atmosphere.
Any equipment breaks down, the ventilating equipment becomes unfit for use from clogging of channels. Unpleasant consequences could be deterioration health of the people, reduces the life of the equipment, large amount оf the dust creates a fire hazard.
There are special devices that allow washing ducts from the inside, and there is no need to dismantle them. Especially time-consuming to purify the ducts from fat deposits in cafes and restaurants. Such work can be done only by specialists with practical experience and appropriate equipment. Air Comfort Experts specialists provide the best air ducts cleaning services for commercial buildings.
The cleaning process works as follows: diagnosis is made using a small video camera. Is determined by the degree of pollution, what are the mechanisms required for its elimination. It could be brushed machines of a pneumatic type, vacuum type equipment, and other devices.

The cost price and quality of services have the best indicator in the industry. Our company policy is to professionally install and maintain equipment for affordable prices.
Pricing is formed transparently – this is another advantage of our company activity. Customer confidence is the main capital of our company, it’s valued most of all.
Our company actively solves air ducts cleaning in all five boroughs of New York area (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island).